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Companies invest a lot of effort, time and money trying to find the perfect software to match their organization needs. Often, they bring in programs to cover specific needs that lack full integration and compatibility with the previous software. As a result, inefficient workflows are generated where employees struggle working with multiple software platforms.

Usually, what is needed is an expert that can understand the many software choices available in the market and can apply them to your organization specific needs in order to increase agility, efficiency and minimize manpower or costs.

In the ERP Software consulting process, we will gain a deep understanding of your company, the way you operate and your organization goals and objectives to develop a vision of how you want to see your future software and pull it together with the implementation of the right solutions and most modern technologies.

The 3 stages of the consulting process:

  1. Understand your company needs: everything starts with listening. We’ll gather information about your organization current systems, how you and your team interact with it and what are the goals you want to achieve with your ERP system.
  2. Understand the company’s pain points: once we have an understanding about how your current system operates, we will focus on explore its pain points. Inefficiencies, gaps between platforms.
  3. Recommending solutions: we’ll take all the information we have learned from your company to design a plan of action to guide you through the process and help you reach your goals.




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