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Microsoft Business Central hosts a proven record as an effective ERP and CRM solution for distribution and supply chain management. Its capabilities allow Distributors to automate, optimize and grow their business by delivering visibility into sales data, inventory levels and shipment schedules, giving your company confidence in your ability to meet customer demands.
Some of the most common challenges distributors faces are:
  • Satisfy the increasing customer demand.
  • Increase visibility into your supply chain.
  • Improve inventory controls.
  • Manage and control operational costs.
  • Maintain labor and operations agility
  • Manage vendor relationships. ​
Microsoft dynamics ERP will help you respond to changing market conditions by improving your ability to predict and respond to changes in end-customer demand and:
  • Identifying emerging customer behavior.
  • Predicting future market trends.
  • Keeping your inventory lean.
  • Making smarter buying decisions while decreasing costs.
  • Negotiating better terms with vendors and suppliers.
  • Improving customer relations.

Everything managed in a single application, a comprehensive and scalable solution that will streamline your working process and give you a global vision of your business.

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