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When speaking about ERP systems for financial services, we have to take into consideration that security, privacy and data integrity are additional demands and requirements that must be met for financial practice.

Dynamics 365 Business central meets these requirements and has been optimized for financial services companies, resulting in faster and more stable configurations, implementations and upgrades while ensuring that any and all sensitive and critical information is available only to those with the need to know.

With Dynamics ERP you will be able to integrate financials into core business processes and automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, support evolving business models and maximize financial performance. It will raise the visibility of financial metrics and the effectiveness of financial management, financial forecasting, and accounting throughout the organization.

LogixCare solutions for business will develop a financial technology solution adapted to your specific needs. We have familiarity with Sox-compliant auditing capabilities and processes, and we have a wide expertise working with all your Accounting ATX, Sage, Intuit, Thomson Reuters and CCH programs.

LogixCare solutions for business will support and troubleshoot all the applications used in your accounting practice:
  • Thomson Reuters File Cabinet.
  • Thomson Reuters UltraTax.
  • Thomson Reuters Accounting CS.
  • ATX.
  • CCH Axcess Suite.
  • ProSeries.


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