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Dynamics ERP

We can help you to work more effectively. The features of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (NAV) will give a new perspective for your Business Operations making it simple yet powerful

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) It is a business process management software that manages and integrates a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities.

A modern solution that effectively streamlines everyday work processes, follows regulatory standards and scales with your growing business.

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Logix Care Solutions for Busisness
Project Management
Create estimates, track your projects and manage your business capacity.
Financial Management
Manage your cash, assets and banking and have a real-time overview of your. finances anytime and anywhere.
Operations Management
Automate daily processes, improve your business communication and manage resources.
Sales & Service Management
Manage your contacts, sales opportunities and service contract.
Supply Chain Management
Modern and automated solutions for your supply chain.
Reporting & Analytics
All the information you need to know from one single source with accurate and real-time data.

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Do I need Dynamics ERP Solutions?

The basics are not enough

Perhaps you have been doing fine with basics, but if your current software is limiting you from grow and expand your business on a global scale, it may be time to switch into a software that does let you.

You’re dealing with divergent systems

Technology changes, and your different systems do not work well together. You are experiencing compatibility issues and are tired of wasting time trying to find a solution that make them work together.

You can’t reach your customer expectations

If your system is not meeting your customer needs and your staff is struggling with the system to deliver a good service, it may be time to provide them with the right tools to do it and invest in a software that can meet your customer expectations.

Our Processes

Find out how to manage your entire company with a centralized solution, accessible on all devices from anywhere

ERP Software Development

Everything starts with listening. We gain an understanding of your company, how you operate and your goals to develop a vision of how you want to see your future software...

ERP Customization

Every client is different and needs a software that can be adapted to the way they run business without difficulties. Our professionals will adapt the ERP system taking into consideration...

ERP Software Testing

We’ll test the system to make sure everything works right and smoothly. We possess a rich testing experience that help us exploring and assessing the quality of the product and...

ERP Training, upgrade and maintenance.

Once the software is ready, we will provide you and your employers with all the training needed to be able to change systems with the minimum possible disruption...

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