Warehousing Technology

An efficient warehouse management system can help significantly to achieve success for your company. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can give your company the tools to reach chain management objectives.
Features of Dynamics 365 for warehousing:
  • Automated Data Capture Systems
  • Bins
  • Bins Set Up
  • Internal Picks and Put Aways
  • Pick
  • Put Away
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Warehouse Shipment
  • Warehouse Management Systems

What are the advantages of using Business Central for warehouse management?

Drive Increased Productivity

Microsoft 365 Business Central will give you the insights you need to raise productivity and maximize efficiency by optimizing warehouse processes, providing detailed worker accountability, reducing picking time, automating processes and much more.

Reduce Costs:

Plan better, reduce mistakes and automate processes reducing your costs along the way.

Avoid Errors and Increase Inventory Accuracy:

You will have an overview of all items in your warehouse in real time to provide your employees and managers with accuracy, which ensure immediate feedback and avoid workers looking for missing inventory or overloading any given location.

Boost On-Time and Complete Shipments:

Avoid shipping delays and backorders with the accurate order picking functionality. In addition, the process efficiency will decrease cycle time, resulting in more on-time shipments.

Optimize Warehouse Space:

Control your stock and automate processes as direct stock rotation or intelligent picking to maximize the use of valuable warehouse space.

Better Reporting:

Reliable statements about the inventory level will enable you to plan orders better and make decisions based on real time data.

Exceed Customer Expectations:

The functionalities of Microsoft 365 Business Central will give you the peace of mind to rely on your delivery date commitments. In LogixCare Solutions For business we will develop a solution that exceed yours and your customer expectations.



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