Microsoft ERP Support


We will work along with your team to provide them with all the knowledge needed to become self-sufficient in the new environment.

We will train your team from the ground to understand all the basics and then will move on into specific customizations and functions, the goal is to prepare you to master the new system with the minimum possible disruptions in your daily operations.


The transition to your new ERP system can be challenging sometimes but in LogixCare we’ll make sure your employees have all the training they need to ensure a smooth transition into the new system.

Our team will support your during all the process, solving any question or issues that may arise.

You may have doubts about:

  • Errors showing up.
  • Configurations.
  • Adding fields.
  • Modifications.
  • How to create locations for items.
  • Choose new exchange rates.
Microsoft ERP Support
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We will keep you updated about Dynamics 365, Dynamics Business Central, CRM and more. Also you could learn with our tutorials, tips and tricks…

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