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New users of Dynamics 365 Business Central will often ask about keyboard shortcuts. It is important to know these, but that can also be overwhelming for new users. I’ve decided to compile the best keyboard shortcuts for Dynamics 365 Business Central into a blog post for easy reference.

General functions
Keyboard shortcuts


Business Central Help


Role Explorer

Ctrl+Alt+F1Inspect page and data


My Settings

Alt+N (+)

Create a new record


Add a new note for the selected record

Alt+Q ()

Open Tell Me


Close a newly created record and create a new one


Toggle FactBox area


Refresh data

Alt+Shift+W (  )

Pop-out a page to a separate window


Switch between slim/wide page

Data in lists
Keyboard shortcuts


Sort column in asc/desc order


Toggle filter pane; focus on totals filters


Change focus from filter pane back to list

Shift+F3 (  )

Toggle filter pane; focus on data filters

F3 ()

Toggle the search box


Reset filters


Filter on selected cell value


Add filter on selected field

Tips and tricks



Search looks at visible columns and it is not case-sensitive.


Filtering looks at all fields and it is case- sensitive.


Saving filters:

Filters can be permanently saved as a view and can include expressions such as ranges.


Filtering can be adjusted by using powerful filter characters. Some of them are:


@ Case-insensitive

E.g. @man looks for text that matches man and is not case-sensitive


? One unknown character

E.g. Hans?n looks for text such as Hansen or Hanson

An exact character match

E.g. ‘man’ looks for an exact character match


*  Indefinite unknown characters

E.g. *Co* looks for text that contains ”Co” and is case-sensitive


<>Not equal to

E.g. <>0 looks for all numbers except 0

| Either/or

E.g. 1200|1300 looks for numbers with 1200 or 1300

.. Interval

E.g. 22..24 looks for the dates from the 22nd to the 24th of the current calendar month; P8.. looks for information for accounting period 8 and thereafter


Filter tokens:

E.g. %mycustomers looks for customers in the My Customers page on your Role Center.

Calculated data tokens:You can use expressions to add/subtract days/weeks/month/years. E.g. -1Y means a year ago.


Combined format expressions:

You can combine these filter characters. E.g. 5599|8100..8490 includes any records with the number 5599 or a number from the interval 8100 through 8490.


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